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Ocean Tied Creative Co. is a small creative company operated by me, Jason Bequette. I focus on design for
creative sorts (artists, musicians, fitness gurus, etc), eLearning development, and general idea wrangling.

As a small, one-man brand, I'm able to provide a personal and flexible approach to your needs. I create
innate value by understanding and relating to clients; driven by my passion for the visual universe, whether it
be an album cover, web-based training, or a vintage wedding invitation.
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Living in Omaha, Nebraska, I'm often labeled as a displaced Californian. I enjoy the ocean, temperate
climates, and the connected nature of a coastal life. As a creative, I'm passionate and endlessly curious about
the space in which digital and analog intersect and co-exist.

My career mixture of traditional print and digital endeavors has given me a keen eye for modern aesthetic,
and allows me to create memorable experiences in nearly any visual medium. I'm fascinated by our evolving
and oft cyclical visual universe, and ply my craft with an unwavering eye for detail.

What's this "Naar Het Strand" business at the top?
Simple really - In 1987, I became hopelessly enamored of the sea while spending time in The Hague,
Netherlands. Naar Het Strand, in Dutch, loosely translates as "At the Beach".